Books I've read (or remember reading, at least)

I wouldn't describe myself as "well read," the way some bookworms could easily describe themselves. Unfortunately, I didn't catch the reading bug until I was in my late twenties, so now I have a list of books I'd like to read that seems to be a million titles long, and it's constantly being updated with new additions. But here are the books I've already crossed off. 

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An open letter to Mr. Clark Kent

Dear Mr. Kent. I've watched your movie Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and now I'd like some answers. Sure, you can fly and shoot laser beams from your eyes, but there's one superpower I'm not sure you've mastered yet. When you get time, I'd like you to show me a few of your writing samples. Who cares about Doomsday. Let's see if you really have what it takes to write for The Daily Planet.

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Documentaries that will make you rethink your first world 'problems'

When the worst thing in your day is the length of the line at Starbucks, or the driver that cut you off when you were trying to merge, it's sometimes easy to forget there are people out there with real problems. These five documentaries really put things into perspective. Number three particularly opened my eyes to how hard it is to be a woman in some countries.

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Real profile pics of real men on POF (you can't make this stuff up, believe me)

I've always had this rule to not share anything that could reveal the identities of the fellas I encounter on the internet. But sometimes it's just too much. Sometimes I find myself thinking, "You can't make this stuff up." Sometimes I shake my head and think, "Why me? Why now? Why this?" Here are some of the strangest profile pics I've seen in the online dating world.

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Maybe that cactus really is lucky (TRUE STORY)

I don't believe in fate or luck, but can this random experience I had at the grocery store be explained by anything else? After tapping the Lucky Cactus, two events took place that were completely out of the ordinary. Here's what happened when I gave in to superstition and took a chance on the Lucky Cactus.

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